The woman behind the Guild

The Woman Behind Designers Guild

At the festive launching of the Designers Guild Website, we found the
"Big Mamma" (who is very slim and beautiful) but behaves entirely like a big mamma to her children - the designers). There followed a light conversation starting with the question of how on earth she took upon herself a project so important and ambitious as Designers Guild.

So why did you really decide to establish Designers Guild?
The first time I was exposed to an Israeli designer was ten years ago and it was magical. I used to walk past a small shop on Yermiyahu Street which employed Israel fashion designers. One day I ventured inside to ask the price of a dress on display in the window. The price was more than I could afford.
 The sales lady explained the reasons behind the high cost of producing designer clothes.I have to mention that I had never encountered such fine material as that of the dress. I bought it and another one a month later.
 I had a desire to purchase more but I couldn't afford to fill my wardrobe at those prices. It took me a while but I finally understood that I had discovered a magical world of designers who had neither the financial means nor the knowledge to promote their products to the right market audience. For this you need tools which were not readily available at that time. Up until today 
promotion is a complicated matter.

Designers have to purchase a limited amount of material which makes the end product more expensive.
As much as I tried to promote them there wasn't any readiness on the part of Israeli buyers to understand their importance or to deal with or promote Israeli fashion designers. After two additional fashion projects I realized that there is a huge number of talented designers who never reach the public or manage their own brand. Their only distribution is through retail shops which makes the price
of their products particularly expensive. A year ago I decided that I would be the one to get their message across in Israel and throughout the world - to build the face of Israeli fashion (which had no identity up till now) and to promote Israeli designers and their designs.

and how was it at the start? pregnancy and birth! Exactly like those principles but without the Epidural!
What is the vision for Designers Guild?
To build and give a face to Israeli fashion.
To bring Israeli fashion from the sidelines to the mainstream.
To provide as many sources of income for Israeli designers as possible.
To present Israeli fashion to the world.
I feel that we are the offspring of this country and while our elders argue, we aim to share fashion and beauty with the offspring of other countries.Art is above all and without borders surrounding it - only love and acceptance of others.
Tell us a little about the huge success of Designers Guild up till now.
We have top level incredible designers. We have more exposure for Israeli fashion designers in the media and fashion columns.
Since Designers Guild began to operate additional promoters, interested in promoting Israeli fashion have sprung up. (I recommend  to take care and check past experience of every promoter). More and more people are becoming acquainted with Israeli Designers.
and finally?
I believe that Designers Guild's exposure to the world will greatly improve Israel's image and will serve as an ambassador in the field of the most popular and admired field in the world - the field of fashion. 


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