About Us

About us:

Designers Guild is the brainwave of entrepreneur and business woman Einat Rotfus. Established in 2015, it is the first agency of its kind  in Israel- and in the entire world- to provide services to Israeli fashion and jewelry designers.
The Guild provides a platform for talented Israeli designers and provides them with  public relations and marketing services for their products both in Israel and abroad.
Designers can choose the area in which they need the most support, including fashion shows, at a significantly lower cost than that of the market.
"By Israeli Fashion"
We are working towards maximum exposure and to advance world recognition of Israeli design throughout the media.
The staff of Designers Guild have been carefully selected for their exceptional capabilities in their field. We work with the strongest commercial entities in the country.
To participate or to register, please contact:
info@designersguild.co.il or telephone 050-8833449.  


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